Patios, extensions, driveways, foundations, swimming pools, retaining walls, additions.

We provide all the concrete related services needed to repair and/or remodel properties. Whether it’s a driveway extension, a new patio in the backyard, a stunning swimming pool border or an eye-catching retaining wall, ALTA Concrete, Inc. knows how to turn any minor project into an impeccable renovation.


Excavation, demolition, curb & gutter, city sidewalks, parks, foundations, footings, ramps, interior renovations, planter boxes.

ALTA Concrete, Inc. offers outstanding commercial services. Our rapidly growing portfolio includes a brand-new patio to a well-known café, the foundation for a gas station, handicap ramps and curb and gutter pours. Whatever the size of the project and its requirements, our client can rest assured that ALTA Concrete, Inc. will accomplish and exceed expectations.

ADA - Our Speciality

Back in the 90s, the American with Disabilities Act was ordained to protect the rights of the disabled. We strive to aide clients with public access buildings to comply with this law, by helping them provide the necessary accommodations to those with mobility limitations.

ADA can be part of a residential or a commercial project. Our expertise will make all the ADA renovations and improvements compliant with government and /or life requirements.

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